It is my intention to help make affordable healthcare available to every American 
citizen by encouraging interstate insurance competition and mandating price transparency for medical care and prescription drugs.

Coverage for pre existing conditions MUST be protected. 

Medicare for all in an unsustainable pipe dream being peddled by socialists in order to gain a foothold in American politics. 

Abortion  Rights
 I believe that abortion is murder and I find it to be a vile practice. However, I am adult enough to know that compromise is key to legislation and there is an honest conversation that must be had by both sides on this issue, as I'm sure we can all agree there is a point at which a fetus becomes another human being.

 Coming to common ground on this topic must start with agreement on exactly when that is.

 For me, 6 weeks is to early and 20 weeks is too late.

 I am in conditional favor of early term abortions in cases of Rape or extreme medical risk to the mother.

I am fully against late or full term abortion or abortion as a contraceptive. 

Immigration Reform
 I fully support the idea that legal immigration is a cornerstone in the foundation of our nation.
 However, the illegal immigration issue has grown out of control and has become a crisis both humanitarian and security. 
  With this in mind I support...
  • Expanding the number of asylum judges.
  • Body cameras for border security officers. 
  • Drone flight surveillance 
  • Overhauling immigration and asylum laws.
  • A physical barrier. 
  • Deployment of advanced surveillance technology.
 All of these things must come together as a comprehensive border security package if we are to address this issue for the crisis it is and not use it as a political tool.

The 2nd amendment 
 I am an ardent and full throated supporter of an American citizens constitutionally  guaranteed right to keep and bear arms in protection of self, family, property, life and liberty.
Opioid Crisis 
 Opioid abuse in this country has reached truly epidemic levels and here in Ohio it saddens me to say that we are seeing some of the worst of it.

 I would first and foremost see "candyman" doctors prosecuted and stripped of thier medical licenses. 

 I would also see big pharmaceutical companies held accountable for indiscriminate distribution. 

 As for illicit drugs like Heroin I cannot support criminal charges for use as I do not see the benefit of prosecuting addiction.
 I am however in favor of extreme punishment for distribution up to and including manslaughter charges and life in prison. 

 Our nation is at a point where our national and state roadways and bridges are falling in to disrepair. 
  This simply must be addressed and I believe central Ohio should be at the forefront of this movement.
  In central Ohio, due to the indifference and neglect of wealthy career politicians from both parties we have potholes you could park in, we have bridges you can't go under when it rains because the drainage hasn't been addressed in over 100 years.
 Our nation is the wealthiest and most prosperous on earth, this neglect is inexcusable. 

Individual Rights 
 Every American citizen is entitled  to live their life as they see fit, without interference from the government as long as they are not harming others.

 I am a strong proponent of laissez-faire, the government should be only minimally involved in the day to day personal lives of its citizens.

 From marijuana to firearms ownership, from marriage to the way you choose to raise your child. The government has no business in your business.