My name is Andrew Littler and I am running to represent you as Franklin County Commissioner. 

 I was born in Columbus Ohio. At a very early age my parents moved us to a small farm outside of West Jefferson where we lived until I was 7 years old. 
 My father then decided he wanted us to move to Florida, where we lived for four years. Then at the age of 11 we moved back to Columbus where I live to this day. 
 From Wedgewood village to Richardson and Sullivant, From Souder to Hague I have lived here all my life. Central Ohio is my home.

 I have grown tired of watching the neighborhoods I grew up in disintegrate in front of my eyes due to decades of indifference  and neglect by career politicians from both parties who cannot possibly understand what we need.

 I have poured my blood and sweat into Central Ohio, from DFS to UPS. From Hiedelberg to Ruscilli Construction. And from K-mart to Wendy's to Mckesson Medical where I work today as Facilities Maintenance. 
I am no stranger to living paycheck to Paycheck. I am no stranger to the struggle to make ends meet. I have been everything from homeless to homeowner.

I grew up in the same neighborhoods, attended the same schools, walked the same streets and struggled the same as each of you.

For years I have listened to people say...

" I wish someone like us would stand up and run." "I wish a regular person would have the courage to represent us." 

Well here I am, I'm not a millionaire, I'm not a Banker or a Lawyer or a Judge, I don't have multiple degrees. I have no status to place me above you, I'm just like you.

The question now becomes, what are you going to do with the opportunity?

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate  to contact me.